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JCC Downlights 

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JC94001 chrome downlight 12vJC94001 brushed nickel downlight 12vJC94001 white downlight 12vJC94001 brass downlight 12vJC94002 chrome downlight 240vJC94002 brushed nickel downlight 240v
JC94002 white downlight 240vJC94002 brass downlight 240vJC94003 chrome downlight 12vJC94003 brushed nickel downlight 12vJC94003 white downlight 12vJC94004 brushed nickel downlight 12v including Transformer
JC94005 CHROME downlight 12v including TransformerJC94005 brushed nickel downlight 12v including TransformerJC94005 WHITE downlight 12v including TransformerJC94006 chrome Downlight 12vJC94006 Brushed nickel Downlight 12vJC94006 white Downlight 12v
JC94006 Brass Downlight 12vJC94007 chrome downlight 12vJC94008 chrome downlight 240vJC94008 Brushed nickel downlight 240vJC94008 white Downlight 240vJC94009 chrome downlight 240v
JC94009 white downlight 240vJC94010 chrome downlight 240vJC94010 Brushed nickel downlight 240vJC94010 white downlight 240vJC94010 Brass downlight 240vJC94011 brushed nickel downlight 12v
JC94011 white downlight 12vJC94013 chrome downlight 240vJC94013 brushed nickel downlight 240vJC94013 white downlight 240vJC94014 chrome downlight 240vJC94014 brushed nickel downlight 240v
JC94014 white downlight 240vJC94014 brass downlight 240vJC94015 chrome downlight 240vJC94015 white downlight 240vJC94016 chrome tilt downlight 12v including transformerJC94016 brushed nickel tilt downlight 12v including transformer
JC94016 white tilt downlight 12v including transformerJC94017 chrome down light 12v including transformerJC94017 brushed nickel down light 12v including transformerJC94017 white down light 12v including transformerJC94018 chrome downlight 12v transformer includedJC94018 brushed nickel downlight 12v transformer included
JC94018 white downlight 12v transformer includedJC94019 chrome downlight 240vJC94019 brushed nickel downlight 240vJC94019 white downlight 240vJC94023 Brass downlight kit (10) 12v including transformers (10)JC94028 Chrome LED downlight 240v
JC94034 brushed nickel square downlight 12vJC94036 chrome downlight 240vJC94036 brushed nickel downlight 240vJC94036 white downlight 240vJC94036 brass downlight 240vJC94037 brushed nickel dimmable downlight 240v
JC94037 white dimmable downlight 240vJC94038 white large downlight 240v **********SORRY OUT OF STOCK**********JC94039 brushed nickel large downlight 12vJC94052 chrome LED downlight 240vJC94053 chrome LED downlight 240vJC94053 brushed nickel LED downlight 240v
JC94053 white LED downlight 240vJC94054 chrome LED downlight 240vJC94054 brushed nickel LED downlight 240vJC94063 Brushed nickel LED downlight 240vJC94210 matt white downlight 240vJC94213 chrome downlight 240v
JC94213 Brushed nickel downlight 240vJC94213 white downlight 240vJC94213 Brass downlight 240vJC94217 white downlight 12v including transformerJC2003 R80 Downlight Chrome 240vJC2005 Downlight for Par20 lamp Brass
JC3005 Spectra fully adjustable downlight BrassJC21026 Brightspot twin lightboxJC21006 75W Twin Head Adjustable Grey Ceiling Down Light Retail Spotlight Display LightingJC21031 JCC RETESCA Adjustable Low Voltage TRIPLE Lightbox Fitting  in WHITEJC21039 JCC JCC RETESCA LARGE 70W Mains CDM-R IP20 Adjustable TRIPLE Lightbox Fitting in whiteJC87004 JCC Ultimo Adjustable Downlight Silver Finish IP40
JC87005 JCC Ultimo Adjustable Downlight  Silver Finish IP20JC3012 Brass wallwash downlight 12vJC3029 Brass Pin-type Wallwash DownlightJC3007 Chrome or white shower light IP65JC3074 KIT (10xJC3007) IP65 showerlight speedpack with transformerJC3009 white or brass downlight
JC3011 Square wallwash downlight Brushed chromeJC3018 white with drop glass low voltage JC3060 Mini scoop downlight in brushed nickelJC3064 Mini twist & lock tiltable downlightJC3065 12V Tilt/Gimbal DownlightJC4003 JCC TOROIDAL Transformer
JC3054 Twist & Lock 12v Downlight Kit chromeJC3054 Twist & Lock 12v Downlight Kit WhiteJC3055 Twist & Lock Tiltable 12v Downlight Kit Brushed NickelJC3003 Standard 12v downlight kit ChromeJC3015 Undershelf 3x 12v downlight kit WhiteJC3015 Undershelf 3x 12v downlight kit Chrome ********SORRY SOLD OUT *******
JC94056 JCC Fireguard PIR Occupancy DetectorJC2017 chrome eyeball downlightJC3075 Swoop downlight SILVER
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