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Commercial Lighting 

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JCC JC5025HFDALI Wallwash dimmable downlight with high frequency ballastJCC JC5140 Coral 32W/42W LE Downlight (High output)JCC JC5045 Coral 18W emergency downlightJCC JC5042 Coral LE Recessed Integral Switch Start Ballast
JCC JC5081 Coral Matrix HF DownlightJC5246HF3M JCC JC5246HF3M Coral Emergency LE Recessed c/w HF Remote Pack ‘SPITTLER’ – DLB-N TC-DEL High frequency Ballast Downlights  JCC JC5120 coral Brushed nickel rim with halo dropped glass
JCC JC5110 Coral Rim White Aluminium with Dropped GlassJCC JC5061 Coral rim brass with frosted glassJCC JC5144 Coral rim in white - No glassChess RM408/LED ROMA Recessed LED Modular 600x600
Chess RM418B2 600x600 Modular Emergency light fittingChess RM418LBX 600x600 Modular cat 2 Emergency light fittingElgo 418N Ceiling oregano prismatic diffuser Chess SM/236/HF 3hr emergency SURFACE MODULAR T8 HF
Chess ROMA RECESSED MODULAR T5 HF 3hr emergencyDL240N RECESSED DIRECT/INDIRECT DECORA LUMINAIRESChess RM428 1200x600 recessed ceiling light 3hr emergencyChess RM414 600x600 recessed ceiling light 3hr emergency
Wirefield echo ip20JCC JC71199 Breera Mains IP20 LED Panel Combined Driver 300 x 1200 45W CW Integral (2 Box)Thorn EFB3 3hr non maintained bulkhead lightJC87004 JCC Ultimo Adjustable Downlight Silver Finish IP40
JC87005 JCC Ultimo Adjustable Downlight  Silver Finish IP20 JC87013 JCC Ultimo Mini Wallwash 35W Downlight Spot Metal Halide whiteJC87014 JCC Ultimo Mini Wallwash 35W Downlight Flood Metal Halide whiteJC87019 Ultimo fixed - 55? floodlight
JC87035 Tosca Micro downlight JC16050 Semara wallwashing downlight silverThorn leopard square 16w black bulkheadThorn leopard Round NC c/w Opal Diffuser & TC-DD, Lamp
JC4003 JCC TOROIDAL TransformerJC93001 JCC Small firehoodJC93008 JCC large firecageJC14048 Mainline track kit Black
JC14081 Mainline Track Kit ChromeJC14015 Mainline Track Light System Drop Rod Kit 460mmJC15211ch JCC Miniline Low Voltage Octa Track Kit 1.5M chrome / black JC8063HF Vinto large 55W wall and ceiling surface fitting
PUL55 FITZGERALD  HF Gear Pulso Round WHITE Luminaire – IP40 JC8015hft3m JCC Vinto 28W Emergency Medium Bulkhead Light, chrome rimJC8016hft3m JCC Vinto 38W High Frequency Emergency Medium Bulkhead Light,Brass rimJC8016hft3m JCC Vinto 38W High Frequency Emergency Medium Bulkhead Light,White rim
JC8010hf JCC Vinto wall and ceiling light
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